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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Off the spawn, did I take the fastest path to objective or shooting someone? Time it, If you took more than 3 - 4 seconds for every second longer against efficient enemies your team was in a 3v4,

Example: you spawned C plat you probably chose a path like Longhall instead of Single box (top mid) or triple stack, Pathing Longhall is usually inefficient as it takes you out of the game for 9 seconds (because you don’t have lines of sight to centre mid). Every second that you take a less efficient path you risk your team being in a 3v4 and you are applying low, irrelevant or zero pressure..

Wherever I spawn, what fights are the most relevant?
The fights that are most relevant are the ones on the shortest path to objective, or the enemies that are closest to an objective.
Example: Spawn C plat on Strongholds, jump triple stack, shoot some guy until he backs off on Gold, jump to single stack, shoot A Bridge until he backs off, the most relevant person if you are fighting for B, could be either Gold or A, if you stand in back B Hill, you can make both of them irrelevant while pressuring them to deal with you, if they look, your other team mates looking top mid will get an easy kill.

Could I have picked a more relevant or efficient position to output the damage I did?
If a position is relevant it means it has something to do with the team goal, the team goal is only ever fight for objective in objectives or kills in slayer.

If a position is efficient it means it is either assisting yourself or the team to take the shortest paths to objectives, or it results in a small stackable win.

for example shooting an enemy at batteries top mid while you are standing at Back C Recharge is far less relevant than shooting them from single stack(top mid near the gold stairs).

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