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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


More of an FYI, before I make it official we're currently scouting for a firm that can meet our design and application requests and one reached out to me. We're discussing payment options and what we're looking for as of now but when anything is finalized I'll make the official website announcement. 

https://invisionbyte.ru/ ] 

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is what I've requested so far for anyone curious, kind of the same things wanted for awhile now. 

Design-wise we basically want this navbar from this website back in 2019 added to our current site, exactly as it is with the header nav columns : https://web.archive.org/web/20191222073505/https://fnatic.com/

The Home page we do want to format it just like: https://www.bungie.net/  using photos connected to blogs for the "Featured" section and overhauling the bottom "Latest" section. 



We want to include some form of interactive access terminal as a standalone page. This is not have to be graphical at all but similar to a command line interface; this is one example I have seen https://init.0x00sec.org/  

We want this to be connected to sitemap directory and so someone can type in home and it would take them there, or a page name like forums. With an error code like "command not found" 


Forum layout: 
We want the view for viewing forums at the topic/thread level to change from Invision's default to look and match a 2011 bungie.net website. Specifically instead of user information appearing underneath the user profile picture we want to display it on a bar that is above the content posted. 

Username | Primary Group name on the left of this bar with a Groups link to the Club page and a "More" dropdown showing profile data 



These are kind of the major changes I want to see, some other small ones like globally renaming "Club" to Unit and CSS format of the tagging system. Do let me know if this something we can get started on. 

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I might reconsider on the engagement bit and opt for an actual center to maybe collect and link accounts to in game files. Maybe drafting out a system where players can not only see what stats they have for Halo Infinite and Master Chief Collection but what maps do they have, game history stuff and so on. 

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Hey so after talking with Kirill Gromov we've agreed to start work here, and from this point. In my original post and call for a developer on Invision.




Hello Invision,

I am looking for a developer to help bridge the gap between my website, Xbox Live and Discord server with the website as the top prioritized platform. In addition to this I am looking for more gamification of our website and a design that follows. I'm not technical at all so I am going to try to explain whats needed and the vision for it the best I can, sorry in advance. A little information about me and the community, I am Shawn have been on Invision for about 2 years now, Our site and community is about 16 years old, all focused around Microsoft's Xbox first person shooter title Halo and its fictional universe.


 I am currently looking to bring an older design back to my current site from a previous hosting service/platform. 




https://init.0x00sec.org/ (landing page) terminal

Web App


  • Single sign on solution for Discord - members sign up, can sign in and connect Discords to website accounts.
  • Forms submitted on website output to Discord text channel
  • Calendar Events submitted on website output to Discord Event/Discord channel (or the otherway around where API is available) 
  • Calendar Events Reminder will alert/@roles too
  • Discord Roles given to users connected to the groups on the website


  • Single sign on solution for Xbox Live (Microsoft Account) members can sign in and connect Xbox account to website accounts.
  • Website display Xbox data points* profile information, gamer score, games played and some of the functions here 
  • https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-auth \ https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-api
  • Website display Halo game data points* hours played, K/D, etc. via Halo game API and above Xbox API

I have seen working examples and can provide some; our current budget is $5k and timeline within 7 months with an additional $1k~$4k for following support. 

Please let me know if you are available and interested. We do also have design opportunities for smaller icons for ranks and other miscellanous. 


He has agreed to rate $500 retainer with the overall $5k USD and $3-4k USD, I may switch from USD to BTC/ETH however we will see what the global economy will see. 


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