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Investing into a Social Media Platform for Gamers?

DSB Nemesis

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Scary gamble, particularly because this same formula for social media is already out in multiple iterations. 

There was a community site I joined that was in beta and sounded just like this. It was meant to be a Fiverr type where gamers can connect to eachother like Linkedin and help eachother get jobs and so on. It slowly died because it wasn't about gaming at all and big corporations found talent on the open web (Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin) successfully. I think that in order to create a social media app you really have to shine out and define a space that isn't being contested. 

Right now, this product sounds like its in the same space as Faceit https://www.faceit.com/en, UMG https://www.umggaming.com/, Checkmate Gaming https://www.checkmategaming.com/ all are tournament platforms with social media functions. There is also https://smash.gg/ but this is owned by Microsoft and if they ever wanted to take over they really could with just a little bit more money into this space. 

Similarly, there is also https://www.proguides.com/ but its more to help players get better. Some other coaching services exist in Halo and beyond but I can't remember the domains I don't have them bookmarked. 

I read through and found this...




The world's 2.7B gamers are siloed by game, platform, skill level and within other social networks.

A majority of gamers:

• Cite playing with others and meeting new friends as what makes gaming great.
• Play multiple games across multiple platforms.
• Have evolving preferences & interests.

But before PvP, there was no single place for them to connect with each other to pursue their individual aspirations of playing, streaming, and constantly improving

And it really had me at first glance but in all of reality its not a safe bet at all. In my opinion because the "Problem" they are picking here they don't actually have a solution for.

Any solution to gaming right now is in integration of technologies (chiefly platforms) and right now Xbox Live or PSN don't have public open API's to connect your app into. Like the only way this is going to bridge the divide is if they make a app that can compete with Discord but also be in both the Playstation store and Xbox store for console for free. Which competing with Discord by the way is already a silly idea, the company would need multi-billion dollar investments just to stand up.  If you think about how Xbox is already set up as its own social media platform, you have a wall. People can follow you, there are clubs you can find likeminded gamers and there are sex worker bots messaging you than anything new will really need to disrupt that if not add onto. 

There is this growing conversation in tech now that we have too many softwares and platforms, so when it comes to investing silicon valley and the forefront of tech is looking into AI and data sciences. If they produces an AI or alorigthm that automatically threw you into the same pool of players local to you, same skill as you and cross platform than thats where the real success will be in a "PvP" oriented website. Stupid ass name too. 

There is a bit of verbiage they use that I hate, like "industry-specific social platform" also doesn't sit right with me, you would think to invest in a company that doesn't set up a glass ceiling for itself. 

Overall, getting into Esport and from a business and marketing perspective there is no reason to use another social media platform on top of the others. Like money is in sponsorships and those sponsorships want visibility. They want the social media platforms that get the most clicks so no matter what they make if it doesn't out perform TikTok, it's useless. 


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