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What is a Clan? Curiousity and benefits


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


In another forum, many websites away I was asked a series of questions. I typed my answers and felt maybe there is some conversation around it so I'll paste it here. 



- What is the purpose of a clan?
Build community around something you like or want to share. Find others to play Halo with.

- How do you make your clan stand out?
Become inviting, active and easy to both join but also leave too.

- What service do you think a good clan should offer?
Partying up with others to play the game; my community offers coaching and lessons but I've also seen some offer prize money and tournaments (MGEclipse)

- How do you keep the clan active and engaged?
Set up community events on a consistent basis, explore other avenues to engage members; this can be in the form of Discord games and just talking about stuff even outside of videogames as a whole.

- How many rules should you have, and what should they be?
Not too many, I started my clan with 14 rules, than came down to 7. Asking members to abide by the terms of service of Xbox, Discord, Steam typically cover all the rules. Don't cheat or fraud, impersonation and discrimination are all covered in those. You can also use Halowaypoint's official Spartan Code https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412636570004

- What does a ruler gain from his clan?
This is depends on the clan and person; but generally rooted in the purpose of the clan. The leader is usually the purpose of the clan and his likability is a strong indicator of that clans success. As a leader in mine my benefits are unlimited PTO, free lunches, private eexecutive bathrooms (no I'm just kidding) my real benefit is getting online and always having someone to party up with.

- What do you gain from joining a clan?
Finding like minded players, people that would not shoot your body and tea bag you. People who aren't silly and want to win with you or help you get better. If you need new friends or a constant team in the rostermania that is esport clans have a strong purpose.

- Is the role play really worth it?
Yes/no its preferential. Role playing adds a layer to the game and purpose to play beyond weekly challenges and acheivements. To some its a creative shared experience including and building stronger community. To others it is an ego-driven rush to self gratification in achieving a made up status. Either or, there will always be imposters that act like Pros because they can edit their Twitter bios. When role playing you just want to moderate delusions of grandeur or someone taking it far out of context.

- Is the training necessary?
I personally think so. Training establishes a base activity for members but also a standard. Its a call to action to do something as well. That call to action piece is important for inclusivity. The training can be anything from spring jumping, curb slides or juggling flag but should never be more than what is offered in the core game. Its important to also use the right vernacular here too. No one wants to join an "advanced" training session to learn skills you cannot actually ever apply to matchmaking.

- What are the best methods needed to recruit successfully?
Best method is to become your proof of concept. Play BTB, play 4v4, where the same emblem and dominate. This also depends on the clans purpose but showing proof of concept or work typically invites others to join by default. Recruiting by posting in forums, reddit, xbox, game browser is cool too but understand some of those tools are not meant for recruiting.

- Is it possible to have a casual care-free undisciplined clan?
Yes/no communities like youtubers and streamers create clans (by definition) that suite their needs. Most won't admit to it but its kind of the new thing in clans, essentially fans getting together to play the game around the leader which happens to do YouTube/Twitch. This same clan is typically not abiding by any rules, "undisciplined" whatever this might mean and carefree and casual: as in playing trash compactor and jenga.

- What are the main goals a clan should expect to have?
It needs to be either world domination besting all the clans out there or to grow immensely out of healthy proportions. Thiis again really depends on the purpose of the clan though, if I am doing something competitive the end goal would be to turn it into an esport organization like Faze clan. If I am running a clan for BTB and we like to forge our own maps it might just be recognition for building the best maps and always having a full team that dominates online.

Most important thing about these goals is that they include others to get with the leader and become something of a "we did this together" memorialised into Halo.

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