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Lux Voluspa’ Season 2 Mystery Teaser


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


During a livestream containing Halo Infinite season 2 information, there was a brief…interruption that went unexplained, but seems to be hinting at actual story developments to come in season 2.



The short video teaser shows start and end tags for something called Lux Voluspa, which appears to be a company name. “Artificial Minds. Real Solutions” is the slogan.

What is this? Well, first, the most basic translation. Lux means “Light” in latin. Voluspa is a famous poem but most closely associated with a Norse “seeress, a prophetess.” So this could mean something like “Light Seer” or “Light Future” if you were taking it literally.

The rest of the video shows what appears to be some sort of digital invasion with firewall breaches and data transfers going on as someone talks over the video. The audio I could make out:

“Security Flag, access attempt logged.”

“Are you seeing this? This can’t be right.”

“This doesn’t make sense.”

“Do we know what’s vulnerable here?”

“Oh my god. You’ve got an intact matrix core.”

“Signature [garbled]”

“Where did the core go?”

“I think we’re about to find out.”

“They’re here.”

So I tried to look up “Matrix core” in Halo lore, and I only returned one thing, “Riemann Matrix- The core component of a UNSC Artificial intelligence Construct.” This would indicate that it has something to do with a…heist of a UNSC AI like Cortana? That’s about all I can extract from this, but obvious that would tie into an AI-based company as well. But “Lux Voluspa” does not appear in Halo lore anywhere. 

We have been promised story “events” to come, which appears to be the idea of adding some framed narrative components to the season as time goes on, whether through cutscenes, ARG aspects like this or something linked to in-game events. The theme is “Lone Wolves” and we have already gotten previews of some of the characters involved with the season. So I’m pretty sure that’s just what this is, and not teasing some massive story expansion or anything like that. 

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