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Sentinels win $350k #HCSKansasCity2022


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Sentinels win in a crazy 4-0 series against Cloud 9 reigning champs. The breakdown of their gameplay is sure to come because it was surgical. Controlling the games pace and breaking set ups where stats can't show. As the top talent of Halo for years it is a welcomed site to behold seeing all 4 players back on top.

With respect to them and their win, this tournament unlike any other was probably the most competitive to date. So many teams played good Halo, like REALLY good Halo leading up to the event and no one really knew where it was going to go or who would win. Optic Gaming, Cloud 9, EUnited, Faze Clan all kind of inched up online shuffling places. This is all a good thing to see and it is an exciting time for Halo even in just the competitive space. 

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