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Halo TV Series Marathon


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Hello all ONI ageents, I'll create an event with a more specific time. I've been far too busy to cover everything around Halo Infinite and the Halo TV show but I want to definitely breeakdown each episode here in Silver Timeline and for us to understand the differences, nuances and more. I believe the production value and storyteelling of the show itself really isn't bad at all. Like most things in our hateful community that is Halo, veering into this new story of the same illustrated characters from the game is blasphemous to many. People bandwagon together and reigned hate on the show, extrapolating on the small things that they disagree with unwilling to unlearn to relearn. 

I want to say to this, before breaking the forum in all out war. The show is good and received a 2nd season. We can definitely pull data to see why that is looking at Paramount+ but they definitely did succeed in the strategic investment here of having the show on Paramount+ of all apps. 

It's here to stay too, and they could retcon and fix the show in a complete 180 really or continue on with the refreshingly new story. As someone whose play 20 years of Halo its honestly exhausting to see the same story just in live action and I am happy with the odd, really new things they decided to explore in the series. As a trial holder of Paramount (because there is nothing else on that streaming platform) I'll probably do 3 runs of the show on ONI's discord from now until next Saturday. I'll make these official events, official binge really and maybe a little discussion after. 

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