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Team Snipers, not having... Snipers?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Not so much of a disenfranchising move as many would think but the knee-jerky reactions are over the top, I laughed a bit at some of the uproar on Twitter. People calling 343, "3 steps forward, 4 steps back industries" for wanting to, in a very odd way "spice it up" including more weapons than just the Sniper in what is by name value already a core playlist throughout the Halo games for being SNIPER only. Something no one asked for that they did and furthering the public opinion that 343 Industries are not listening, its been nothing but a lost here. 

Hopefully they will have a quicker turnaround for this. Some of the things being said are kind of ridiculous so I want to stray away from posting anything else. My own two cents to this, is hurray we got a new playlist. The playlist unfortunately isn't true to what I would want it to be with just the SR7 Sniper. I just won't play it, because BTB and Ranked are really all I care about. 

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