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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Hello all, these accouncements in the future may come as an articles apart of our blog instead of a forum thread but for this one we'll stick to what we know. I realized I don't have a full roadmap actually published anywhere. That's my fault I'll plan on releasing that on the 15th this month including a full business plan for the year with probably some hints to esports. 

Onto the the topic, we're now in the developmental phase of connecting Microsoft Accounts to website accounts. This is an exciting step as it opens the door for connecting to the Xbox platform and than stats for Halo. Right now it is still optional but further down the road it will be required for all users to have an Xbox account connected to their account. 

For people, you should be able to see in account settings an option to connect your account. I do implore you to do so as we start connecting and putting it on different places on the net and than later on pulling Xbox and Halo data to show where you are and earn credits for! 

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