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Former Prime Minister of Japan Assassinated


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — one of the most consequential leaders in Japan’s postwar history — died after being shot with what looks like a Fallout 4 Pipegun, in Japan where gun regulations are heavy and for the general public it is simply inaccessible, an actor made a makeshift sawed off shotgun and let go two rounds before being apprehend.


Tetsuya Yamagami is grabbed by a security guard after allegedly shooting Abe

The ingenuity to make this gun, outside of the already available trafficking of gun parts, lower receiver and even 3D printed- High end airsoft gun is amazing to me. In an already restrictive country this is sure to push policies to further infringe of personal freedoms in the name of public safety. 

Yamagami told investigators he “had grievances” with the former prime minister and had intended to kill him. He also said, however, that he “did not resent Abe’s political beliefs.” The police found explosives in Yamagami’s home, NHK reported. 

Its been some time now and I have to say the public perception is the same, I don't really see any danger and the person so far in the investigation appears to be working alone. Luckily this is the first in reported gun violence in Japan but its still very prevalent and how this was done really begs the question will it happen again as we approach an economic downturn. 

Speaking of reported gun violence,
-there was an Yakuza styled back of the head execution with a gun at a Japanese car dealership a year ago and every other year videos of street gangs with guns in Gunma are seen throughout Japanese Twitter, obviously not everyday but its out there if you go looking for it. 

Anyways, just sharing to share let me know if you have any questions. I've become an expert at the gun laws in Japan, may even apply for a license but unfortunately don't really have a good reason to own one in Japan. 

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