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Thematic Resonance


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Thematic resonance is a term used by writers to refer to literary techniques, such as repetition, symbolism, and motifs, that support the theme in some meaningful way.

Throughout Halo we've seen this in the form of storytelling in the Escalation comic book series, Halo Mythos stories and more recently the Halo Infinite Seasonal Events or Battlepass. The stories 

When writing, consider your theme as a kind of literary mission statement. Consequently, every element of your story should support the theme in some meaningful way. Achieving this is called thematic resonance. Thematic resonance may be enhanced in several ways that include the following.

Subplots (aka 'B' stories). Subplots are side stories that can support the theme in some meaningful way. For instance, minor subplot characters may have experiences that compare with or contrast against those of protagonist to reinforce the theme. 

Literary Techniques. Common literary techniques that enhance thematic resonance include repetition, symbolism and motifs.

Can you think of any examples in Halo that you've seen throughout the franchise that have thematic resonance? 


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