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Kansas City Pioneers Leaving Halo


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is probably a decision coming from the shareholders of KCP, in an earlier discussion on why KCP was not selected for partnership they discussed openly how the business structure was not seeing an immediate return in staying in HCS. It is sad to see that even in this expressed discontent live on Twitter and other platforms 343 had no response. Seeing a future without a clear plan and the unprofessionalism of Tashi as an technical account manager here it is just going to be one of the many errors in his career that we as fans have to endure. Halo HCS will survive but we hope this has a cascading effect only to be heard as a community by 343 Industries whose really avoided the accountability in answering too some core game breaking issues that have persisted for the better part of 9 months. Tashi who isn't all at fault but could not communicate on every topic asked because he himself has a hard time finding out information to share from internal 343 Industries teams. 

KCP is already not alone, as XSET releases their Halo roster and other unpartnered esports orgs follow as well. This is not a good sign for the amateur players competing. 

Some might ask why would I want Halo and HCS to be impacted, if at all in what is kind of negative?

It is because its clear that 343 Industries is catering towards this competitive financial instrument and trying to grow with the multi-billion dollar esport industry. In every bad news, event and action that they take that affects this financial vehicle that is HCS, the studios is more likely to update the game, answer our questions and finally take accountability where they are responsible.

Its unclear of the future ahead in how the game will be updated for higher quality gun play and viewer power but the is an investment nightmare rightnow. While many will still shoot for partner status with HCS, no one can deny that the advertising industry impacted from this recession; in official definition and investors becoming bearish will affect the landscape of esports right now. Halo isn't going to be able to sustain its self if Tashi cannot step up to be a vocal leader in his role.

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