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Space Station Gaming Releases Roster?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


SSG, a kind of ONI favorite of the current partner groups for the reputation and design language they use has told its current roster to freely explore options as restricted free agents (which basically means to be shopped around to be bought out of the contract they signed with SSG) this adds to the rostermania before the next HCS lan in Orlando and spells trouble for HCS if its really an exit for SSG. 

As we understand the HCS right now and the partnered program the actual program itself does not state anywhere that an org needs to field a team for the entire season of the league. The benefits of simply having designed camo/skins and armor palettes in the game far outweights any revenue that is made from sponsors and winning the tournaments at a high level for these orgs. In fact *without any data to back this up -by observation in the market, the climbing recession causing businesses to scale back its operations it would make sense if SSG folded their team to save the money and make the difference spent on the current players back with a buyout. 


This could also be a move by SSG to regroup and buy into a new team, of new or old players currently circulating this free agent hurricane with heavy hitters like our favorite King Nick, Druk84 and KCP out there along with FNATIC's roster. Few teams can still stand against some of these players in the market right now, which is insane to think of and only a crux to the theory that a team isn't going to succeed from just being a team for longer than others. Raw skill these players have make them 2-3 times marketable and its always spelled trouble for the likes of SSG whose roster has always had a inconsistent placement in the HCS/.  

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