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Halo Infinite Leaks DMR, Falcon, Forge Mode, Custom Game Browser


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I want to make this post as the official stance on "leaks" and data mined information from the game but we'll probably do something on it from staff altogether. 

Originally, this kind of content has always been a little on the taboo side to share here. We have friends that are developers in 343 Industries and other studios in the gaming industries that I want to respect in the privacy of working on something new and exciting. Unfortunately, the hacky ways players can now pull data from the game servers to access information that is otherwise inaccessible has always been a hobby in our subspace of Halo, going as far as creating the unofficial Halo API and awesome sites like the Cartographer Halo Infinite campaign or Cylix guide. In the content drought that is facing the top 10 Halo content creators a small sect of talented individuals of the programming community working on a array of projects helped reverse engineer the flighting builds of the game and retrieve game details like the new DMR, the new and working Falcon and of course Forge mode. With most of these coming from as few as 3 people, its amazing the kind of clout hunting is there but that's all besides the point. 

This is all fantastic to see that there are developments of, 



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