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Team Beyond Shutters their Forums


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


The Team Beyond Forums have been shut down as of April 25th, 2022. Though the forums may be gone, the community they created still lives on. The conversation on all things competitive Halo can now be found on Discord, as well as the Next Level Design Forums.

Official Statement from Team Beyond staff:

Today we are announcing that TeamBeyond.net and the Beyond Forums will be taken offline. All forum and blog archives will be officially closed on April 25th, 2022 and will redirect to PlayBeyond.com.

What started as a team of content creators on YouTube in 2012 has grown and evolved over many years, providing content, entertainment, and competition for multiple communities in gaming and esports.

10 years later, the Beyond team is continuing to host tournaments, events, and broadcasts for multiple partners and gaming communities. Since our debut hosting tournaments in 2014, we’ve had the pleasure of operating dozens of esports programs with awesome games and partners such as ASTRO Gaming, Logitech, Splitgate, Chipotle, and many more to come.

Our origin with the Halo forum community will always be a part of our DNA. The Beyond office is constantly reminiscing on our history with Halo, ranging from our early grassroots tournaments with ASTRO to our coverage of the HCS throughout Halo 4, MCC, and Halo 5.

With this being the farewell to the Beyond forum community, we’d like to share some very cool stats from Beyond’s 10-year forum tenure. Here is one final, massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussions, debates, stories, and memes that accumulated in these threads throughout the years.

Web Stats 2012 - 2022:

  • Sessions: 16,565,611
  • Unique Users: 6,013,773
  • Pageviews, 100,000,000+

Forum Stats:

  • Members: 52,766 Most Online: 12,408 Total Topics: 13,643 Total Forum Posts: 1,085,601 Most Popular Threads & Sections:
  • Halo 5 Guardians Discussion: 11.6MM Pageviews
  • Halo-General-Discussion: 7.7MM Pageviews
  • HWC Championship 2016 Teams Seeds & Discussion: 7MM Pageviews
  • HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Teams, Seeds & Discussion: 7MM Pageviews
  • Halo: MCC Discussion: 6.5MM Pageviews
  • Forum 7.4MM Pageviews
  • HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Teams, Seeds & Discussion: 4.9MM Pageviews
  • HWC 2017 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion: 3.8MM
  • HCS Pro League Summer 2017 Teams, Seeds & Discussion: 3MM Pageviews
  • HWC 2018 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion: 2.5MM Pageviews
  • TeamBeyond.net Homepage: 2.7MM Pageviews
  • Halo Championship Series Season 2 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion: 2.4MM pageviews
  • Halo Infinite Discussion: 1.7MM Pageviews
  • OT of GD: 1.7MM Pageviews
  • OT: 1MM Pageviews
  • Classic Esports & HCS Grassroots Discussion: 750K Pageviews
  • Halo Championship Series 2018 Teams, Seeds, & Discussion: 748K Pageviews
  • Top 5 Destiny Weapons: 663K Pageviews
  • Forum New Content Filter: 531K Pageviews
  • Destiny Engram Farming: 361K Pageviews

Beyond will continue to live on through many new esports series, with all of our new tournaments and ladders now hosted on PlayBeyond.com. It was a hell of a run.

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