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Tashi Canonized and Death


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


So I was chilling in Tashi's stream getting details after the update, he had a sort of watch party for the HCS Melbourne ANZ regional event -last even in ANZ and while looking for what to clal his community he mentioned him being canonized in the Halo story as part of a running joke. This is also easily the most nerdiest thing to know. 

Tashi was a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier who served with Fireteam Castle on the UNSC Infinity. In February 2558, Tashi and the rest of Fireteam Castle were killed after their Pelican was shot down by Jul 'Mdama's forces while on a supply run to Copernicus Base.

Here below is Tashi with 3 kills and 0 assists, originally from a joke that Tashi could never get an overkill and always hitting a "Tashi ceiling".


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