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Modern Warfare 2 looks unreal


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Just caught up on all the news and hype and I have to say.  


With that off my chest, I'm convinced to convert ONI fully to Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 to be honest. I always talk about it, I have always been a fan of Modern Warfare since the original Call of Duty 4. I played all three with so many of my memories with friends at school being on MW2 and MW3. The splinter off, branching into other games have never been successful (I don't know why actually) but it would not be hard to find and develop a Call of Duty API to build a Spartan Company like system off of Call of Duty stats to compare with eachother. In fact they already have the "Regiments" system if I'm not mistaken. 

Anyway that ends my pipe dream paragraph which I'll likely explore later. 

As a Halo fan its hard to watch a game so good rich in content, but knowing that the kind of effort and staffing behind the two games far outweight the other its sensible to be content and hope for the best in the new direction Halo Infinite will go. Some of the features in this game that really REALLY enticed me is Proximity chat. This is such an important thing to me and it makes any game way more tactical. The ability to work on your weapon at the receiver level too, this games really going to come out very strong if the servers can handle Day 1 numbers. 


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