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Winter Update; First Impressions


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The new game types are disappointing, joint ops or whatever it’s called is just dumb… giving the defending team energy swords and sensors and the attacking team  storm rifles, pistols and camo is just crazy… defending team spams sensors around the flag and even with camo you get wrecked since you have nothing but worthless weapons against energy swords. It blows my mind how they thought that this would be “fun”.  

The season pass is a joke, I get that it’s free but it still feels like a massive F you from 343 with the lame items that are in it. 

Forge is lots of fun though, I personally haven’t encountered any of the issues that people are complaining about, however one of our forgers on pc had an issue where the game constantly crashed after the Nvidia drive Update. The issue was luckily resolved by changing back to the former update. Other than that it will take some getting used to. Scripting uses Python now so it will be a learning curve for someone of us. Forge from what I’ve seen so far has a lot of potential! And the possibilities are almost endless, I can’t wait to see all the community creations!

That is all for now : )

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk! 

Ad Lux Vera

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Joint Ops, isnt that bad, but def not amazing or a game changer, just neat. The battle pass, im indifferent because I knew it was going to be this lackluster as they said it was there as a tester for the Match XP thing (which seems to be great so far).

Forge is fun for sure, my only complaint for it is to allow more than 1 person use the Node Scripting, right now only 1 person at a time can make scripts if you Forge with a friend. Not that bad, but just like creative work stifling if anything, but I am sure they will allow it in the future for more than 1 person to use it.


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