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Cloud 9 & Sentinel Released Rosters


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is old news* but Sentinel and Cloud 9 has released their players in what is a move that is probably financially motivated in the economic downturn we're seeing across the industry. Finally the messages before of sharing just how bad it is in the advertising industry is taking shape in the Halo community. Sentinel's roster is survived but Cloud 9 a partnered organization is not looking to sign a new Halo team. This is pretty crazy to think about, Cloud 9 does not see success in Halo despite having one of the best teams throughout the seasons. 

Its a strong held suggestion right now that in this down turn the pro players are not as valuable to an organization especially without a following of more than 100k. This axes half of the Halo pros already and in this small candidate pool most are already signed to an org making the contracts competitive. Its presumed that an org like Sentinel released its roster after failing to negotiate on compensation being the same after budget cuts internally but alongside this a wildcard Lethul whose all but exited Halo too (big news) 

More on this later, but what does everyone else think about pros and salaries? Most were getting upwards of $45k-$60k with an exception of Snip3down and sign on bonuses, other benefits. 

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