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Death of Aine ANE 3567-7


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Looking through all of the AI's in the Halo universe this one peaked my interest and I would be damn surprised if anyone recognized this name for the short parts it appears. 

Aine is an artificial intelligence construct built by the United Nations Space Command. She was the original shipboard AI of the UNSC Infinity before her destruction during the Battle of Requiem. 

Despite her being originally intended as a temporary AI to oversee the ship's construction and shakedown,[1] Aine continued to serve as the Infinity's AI for four years until 2557. When the Infinity was hacked by the Forerunner known as the Didact and the ship crashed inside Requiem, Aine was severely damaged by the impact. During the battle, Cortana asked Aine to let her help the ship's crew, but Aine, noticing Cortana's rampancy and the deactivation of her central power core at Cortana's hands, threatened her with locking the AI and John-117 on the ship. In response, Cortana broke down Aine's matrix, killing her The conversation was recorded as the "Cyroraeth Dialogue", and the story of her death was hidden to the majority of the ship's crew, believing Aine was terminated upon the Infinity's impact on Requiem. 

Five months later, she was replaced by Roland.

Having been killed by Cortana you have to wonder how we did not get this scene in Halo 4, in what would have really changed the outlook of where Cortana as a character was going to go. This also opens the warfare between AI's if for example the newer Banished AI is combative to be able to fight an UNSC AI in a cyber warfare capacity. 

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