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Halo Infinite HCS 2023 Roadmap


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



https://www.halowaypoint.com/news/2023roadmap ] 

Some good information here, 

Where some of the news is a disappointment, most of it is acceptable in the context of the current economical downturn. 

The decision to scale back from ANZ, MX and EU regions is a huge signal for what is a tighter budget and adapting business model. Tashi and the HCS team was probably over ambitious in Year 1 with COVID-19 also affecting venue availability and the overall markets attention to detail. 

Where there is short comings from 343 Studios in the game, the HCS team and Tashi's transparency for the partnership program and the over all viewership experience with Esports Engine/FaceIT falling short in several areas the community has stood its ground and its clear HCS isn't going anywhere. 

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