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Spartans Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344 Short Story


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



Alongside the Noble Intention event in Halo Infinite, the arrival of Spartans Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344 brings a new short story that explores an earlier configuration of Noble Team, seven months before the events leading to the fall of Reach would take place. “December 2551. Though the Covenant invasion of Concord has seen a rare UNSC victory, the Spartans of Noble Team find themselves stranded in a remote hinterland town. Though the Covenant’s orbital presence has been neutralized, the remaining alien survivors have regrouped and prepare to make a devastating final stand. With dwindling time and no reinforcements, Kat-B320 comes up with a daring plan to do what Spartans do best and turn the tide—and it’s up to Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344 to make it happen.” ---

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