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HBO Originals, Station Eleven


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Watching the Last of Us and enjoying every part of it I wanted to explore the creative process of the directors behind the show. In a podcast the writer for the Last of Us quoted that Chernobyl and Station Eleven were two HBO shows he highly recommended and is what essentially made the Last of Us possible through the grapevines of happenstance at HBO. 

I immediately binged it and after watching the entire show I have to say its one of the best 10 episode series I've ever seen. I hope everyone gets to watch this show and may sooner or later have a viewing of the series on the ONI discord server. 

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Can easily second this recommendation! Station Eleven is one of those perfect "slow burn" shows that actually give you the amazing pay-off it was building to and promised. Definitely not your average pandemic drive post-apocalyptic narratives at all, and one that is told out of order to help drive some key character plot points and development, but is one that knew where the story was going from the first scene.

In a word, "rewarding" for those that stay with it.

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