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Delta Archive changes name to Section 3


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


In a very perplexing save from rapport with the Halo community Delta Index known for its watermarking of data mined videos and pictures has decided to change their name to Section 3. Delta Archive is known for its perceived toxicity and poor membership experience. I actually personally haven't experienced or seen anything but I also was not involved in anything more than the leaks that came out of this group and Discord. They themselves definitely look to a greater ambition of notoriety or influencership promoting themselves, the discord and so on. 

The one thing I have never understood is that datamining is an individual effort and the individuals releasing leaks have so far not been given a platform to excel in sharing the secrets behind the game. I just don't understand why promote anyone else or risk their brand and reputation associating with others when they can quietly leak and reap the rewards of click engagement across multiple platforms. 

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