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Virtual playtesting with Parsec


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


In an article from Microsoft Game Dev: How Xbox Research accomplished worldwide virtual playtesting with Parsec

https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/games/articles/2023/05/how-xbox-research-accomplished-worldwide-virtual-playtesting-with-parsec/ ] 

Moving forward: Integrating Parsec more deeply with Microsoft

Xbox Research’s success is real-world proof of Parsec’s value for real-time 3D applications. So much so that the Microsoft Studios developer ecosystem has continued wider adoption of Parsec for Teams Enterprise, partnering with Microsoft Azure. Through the Azure Marketplace, creative teams can deploy VMs preconfigured with Parsec in five minutes or less.

Parsec is going to allow us to scale in scenarios we’ve never been able to before,” said Walker.  With Parsec, we can spin up an Azure virtual machine lab anywhere in the world. This is our future.

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