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Infection Revealed in Halo Infinite


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Infection is coming back in S4 of Halo Infinite! Infection has always been one of my favorite game types so this is really exciting for me. 

I did enjoy the backdrop created around the Flood for the Infection especially in Halo 4 onward but in the criticisms that the game faced 343 probably did not want to return to any of the great ideas that came with Halo 4. 

We do get a more interesting idea and storyline with Iratus AI the Brute alien AI jointly created by a human company thought to be working with the Banished. As the Season 3 story follows Dinh and his past where we can see the AI's ability to parse and recover memories in its host we get the best twist to AI of the 27th century. Drone Spartans!

In proof of concept in the blacksite ONI research post underneath the Avery James Johnson academy (of course) we see what is the drone technology and capability of AI to take over and create sentry around power suits they can control. This might not be the Flood we all weant to see but does have a creative horror to it. 

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