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New Pickup Quantum Translocator


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Words can't even begin to describe what we're looking at for Halo Infinite. In what we already knew from the data mining operations before, we finally received the world premiere for the Quantum Translocator coming soon in Season 4 of Halo Infinite's multiplayer. The narrative for this item and how it fits in with lore is definitelly up to speculation but we can presume it is some quasi-UNSC promethean/forerunner study that led to this item, acken to something like the Hardlight abilities but on a more spacial level. The idea itself is scary to think about in the research behind it but I might be thinking in a larger scale to what we're seeing in the game. 

It would be crazy though to think entire ships could quantum leap away or travel short distances to avoid damage and inflict damage. This might be something to explore in the Sins of the Prophets game that would change the meta. 

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