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Xbox Games Showcase 2023, No Halo?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I missed adding this to our watch party schedule here and over Discord but its to no merit whatsoever. Halo did not make an appearance in the almost 2 hour long *really an hour 25 mins of Xbox Games Showcase event. 

As a Halo fan it really sucks to see Halo Infinite not mentioned or Master Chief not shown throughout an Xbox Games Showcase. Not even a cameo or panning shot to Jenn Taylor and attending 343 Industries employees. We got absolutely nothing. Now I am not a very good doom poster, I do think we already got a Season 4 Preview and outside of that compared to other studios it would not really be anything worthwhile to show in an already crammed schedule. Its still very discerning that HCS and Halo did not get the chance for more exposure to the game as a free to play multiplayer. 

As a gamer I am super excited for what Starfield has to offer but also the new Microsoft Flight Simulator which looks very interesting and other games I play or will add to my library of circulation to play. Fable is back, but we didn't get too much gameplay or any news really. Forza Motorsports is looking great and I can't wait to drive the licensed tracks they have, Cities Skylines 2 trailer looks great and another Star Wars game has made its way out of Lucas Film Games. Star Wars Outlaws, which is definitely something to look forward too. Another game, 33 Immortals allows for 33 online co-op which is insane. I play quite a bit of State of Decay but we didn't see any updates on that game either, all in all its a great time for Xbox fans. 

Here's the full showcase below, 

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Special Agent

Special Agent


I think Starfeild is Xbox's biggest selling point right now so it makes sense very little attention would be brought to other games. I feel even if Halo dropped some huge content update most attention would still be brought to starfeild. 

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