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Star Wars Outlaws


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer

On 6/16/2023 at 12:08 AM, Littler Level said:

Is the girl and alien supposed to be like the oppisites of Cal and BD-1? So Instead of being a male jedi and a robot it is a female outlaw and an alien?

Yeah so far it seems that way, it’s kinda a strange different storyline to follow especially since most of the droid army were not reprogrammed to be free bounty hunters. They definitely have some explaining to do. 

It can be perceived as performative but I have an open mind, I welcome what little they shared of the character and hope we get some intersection with the Han Solo movie.

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The game looks awesome. At first, it was a movie but when you said it was a game. I was like nah that can't be a game the graphics look too good to be a video game lol 

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Do you know if the game is on Steam? And having games that are open-world is a lot more fun and enjoyable than games that don't have any open world 

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