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Does Iratus know?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Iratus was created by the Lux Voluspa company as part of an effort to research artificial intelligence creation utilizing brain donors from species aside from humanity. This included Jiralhanae donors, a decision considered by researchers "LV038" and "LV106" as something that was "always going to draw some attention eventually."

The Lux Voluspa facility was ultimately breached by a cyberwarfare attack, with an intrusion package deployed using internally-sourced encryption and displaying a Jiralhanae retrieval signature. The originators of this attack were later indicated to be the Banished, who were able to steal the Iratus AI matrix from the facility. We would know this from the video and trailer. 



High Auxiliary Sloan of the Created would eventually discover the existence of Iratus while it was under Banished possession, contemplating if he should be considered friend or foe. He would devote resources to keeping watch over the AI. This would predate the destruction of the Jiralhanae homeworld Doisac. Which begs the question, in the events leading up to and thereafter the Created splinter and Cortana's death does Iratus know about all these events around him and his homeworld being destroyed; What do you think?

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