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Visa Issues with BarcodeAK & Druk84


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Native Gaming announced that they are dropping the two players that could not make it to the US for HCS Arlington 2023. The citing problem being Visa issues for both players, Australian and Canadian on getting into and competing in the HCS series. This is pretty unprecedented but as the world around us closes in economically it can also be a high price tag for the unprepared gamer. Visa is a complicated system altogether in every country in where the US has more lenient guidelines to follow globally it is still very strict with a lottery system in some cases for the 185 types of different Visas available. 

Seeing HCS support and help Native is a very cool thing, this tweet is from the CEO of Native gaming and its nothing short of sweet intel into both his character and his effort in the company around esports. Where I personally really thought that it might be the laziness or ineptitude to understand and go through the visa application process of both players it might have turned into something more bureacratic. 

There’s about 185 different types of visa’s someone can apply for, my best guess was that the business legal contract underwritten visa either for athletes or entertainers was not successfully attained. Its a liability to keep them both on so dropping them was also a business decision to not incur higher cost.

Better businesses like Native likely needs a specific visa for tax purpose or other benefit to both the player and business ops altogether. I know Celebrities have teams focused on just this topic with businesses built on contracts to help talent get into countries. 

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