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What would make cosmetics more worthwhile?


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Special Agent

Special Agent


I just wanted to see what you guys thought about the current state of cosmetics in Halo right now. Currently here are a few suggestions I have.

Make armor cheaper: Most people don't want to pay that much for digital items.

Allow single purchases: Putting everything in bundles just makes the player spend extra money on a bundle when most of the time they only use one or two of the cosmetics, so adding an option to buy just a single item from a bundle would actually make them more money.

A weapon wrap should work for every gun: Instead of buying a bundle with 10 of the same wraps but for different weapons just make it so each weapon wrap works for every weapon. 

Bring back old armors: Instead of releasing old ones bring back fan favorite ones.

Bring back item shop discounts: In early season one if you bought the battle pass you got item shop discounts, bring that back and more people would buy the battle pass and item shop cosmetics.

Cross Core: I mean it had to be on here....


Now this is all I can think of but if you have any ideas I would be happy to hear them.

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


There needs to be a better or higher purpose in some of the unlocks. The career rank was a really good opportunity for that but its a miss since all there is to get are nameplates and emblems between each career ranks, which I have to critique that they all look low quality excluding the very last one. 

There is just a new culture of everyone being able to get something now, where we don't see winners or leaders in the same way we would from Halo 5: Guardians Achilles armor, or even the ARG code breaking event for Halo 4 in the Raider armor set, Halo 3's Road to Recon vidmaster challenges that awarded Recon. To me all these armors had value because you couldn't pay your way to it BUT you also did not have to wait for it to come in a bundle in a store. 

/End Rant

Other ways of course, bringing back old armors I completely agree and on the note really want to see Shinobi and Raider armor sets make it into the game. I do want to see Cross Core, this is something they have already said they are working on so I am not too crazy about it. 

And I agree, we should be able to purchase items individually in a bundle. I can understand why they don't allow that but if the business purpose is to generate sales it could probably help them with that. 

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