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Advice for those starting Starfield


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


So I am back from my trip away to north Japan and away from home, settled in and ready to play is there anything I should know about the game before playing? 

I know we have a few threads already on some gameplay decisions to avoid or follow depending on how I want to play. 

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Special Agent

Special Agent


This may be a little late but here is everything you need to know.

1: Take your time on the game and enjoy it. New Game+ is cool but if you try to rush into it it can really hurt your gameplay experience.

2: Don't grab items under 500 (700 to be safe) credit sell value. There are tons of useless items in the game that you can grab that just end up taking up space and don't give you much in return.

3: Visit Temples. I am not gonna go to much in detail because of spoilers but make sure to do these pretty early.

4: Do the marriage quest lines. I know this sounds stupid but they are actually add a lot to the story and are actually pretty enjoyable. Oh and you get 15% XpP bonus for 20 minutes if you sleep with your married companion.

5: Don't Pick the adoring fan perk.

6: Do the UC sys-def quest line, it is really fun.

7: Build an outpost early on so you can enjoy the experience throughout the whole game.

8: Watch videos on how to get the best weapons because they can usually be found early on. 

9: Don't invest in combat skills at first because the others are so much better.

10: Use the games quick inventory. Any weapon or medical item you favorite will appear in your quick inventory and it allows you to switch weapons and apply meds fast.

11: Most heals don't help you significantly so make sure to read their effects before collecting them.

12: Persuasion in starfield is completely up to chance so if you like talking your way out of things rank up the persuasion skill early on.

13: Most objects have physics. So if you want to steal an item shoot at it show the item will fly out of view of NPC's.

14: Pay attention to NPC's conversations because sometimes if you listen long enough it will automatically grant you a quest. For example if you walk by a guard in New Atlantis he may start talking to himself about something and then a New Quest Pop up will appear on your screen.

That is all I can think of for now but really the best tip is to just have fun.

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