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SPARTAN-IV Flood Forms Returning?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Season 5

  • Halo 4's Extraction Mode Returns
  • New Flood Inspired Customization
  • New Arena(4v4) Maps: Prism & Forbidden
  • Add AI To Forge Creations
  • Earn Battle Pass XP in Custom Games
  • Equip Helmets Across Armor Cores (IGN: All previous and future helmets)
  • Hero Rank Reward: Infinite Mark VI Armor Kit (IGN: Will also reward an exclusive pair of coatings)
  • Permafrost Forge Canvas
  • Banished Forge Palette
  • CE Mark V was shown, but no other details.
  • Bandit Evo, but no other details (scope with 1.6x zoom).
  • (IGN) Battle Pass has been adjusted from 100 tiers to 50 tiers. Coatings and emblems are bundled together within a single tier.
  • (IGN) Battle Pass still offers 1000 Halo Credits as a way to earn back the cost of the pass.
  • (IGN) The first 20 tiers of the Battle Pass are free.
  • (IGN) Menu adjustments, multiplayer challenges on the main menu, battle pass menu showing which battle pass is equipped, and players will see their spartan in the main menu.


  • Firefight (KOTH). Survival Co-op wave-based mode. Win by capturing 5 different hills that spawn during the match.
  • House of Reckoning Map (presumably midseason).

What Was Not Shown / Possibly Not Releasing in Season 5

  • Falcon
  • Mutilator (Double Barrel Shotgun with Gravity Hammer attachment)
  • New Equipment (Repair Field/Stasis Field)
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