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How do you know when you have community?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


When we start building community it doesn’t neceesarily look like community. It looks like writing, conversations, hosting events, etc.

So, how do you know when you have community?



This is a question I'm asked quite often and my answer would have to be.. 

When people are present and helping each other and interacting. But for them to do that, they need to have a continuing sense of joy or purpose from whatever the community is for (e.g. they want to share the joy about what’s happening in their neighbourhood or they want to share tips about how to use a piece of software). If they’re no longer bothered about the “thing”, there’s no reason to be there.

Sharing isn’t necessarily about giving either - it can solely be about taking. So by being in the environment, they are sharing in the feeling and vibe.

These are 6 qualities for sustainability that I reviewed some long time ago, it might not hold up anymore but is pretty true for most communities I know around me. 

  • The Community leader can leave and the conversation continues on
  • The platform can change and people still show up
  • New members come in and contribute
  • People begin to self-organize, without abandoning the original community
  • Individuals support each other regardless of if there is an existing relationship

What do you think? 

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