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Possibilities with AI in Community (AIiC)


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


There were many excellent discussions at a recent Community Manager’s Unconference.

During one session we carved out the basics of a model for AI and its relationship with community. Let’s call it AI in Community (AIiC).

As a Community Builder/Manager you could use AIiC to:

  1. Spark creativity
  2. Spot patterns and provide insight
  3. Create connection opportunities

Some examples:

  1. You want to ask your community some questions yet you’ve run out of ideas and worry you’ll ask the same sort of questions. So you ask an AI to give you a set of questions related to a topic in the style of Shakespeare.
  2. You know that your community is talking about a particular topic yet can’t pinpoint the key themes and opportunities to keep the conversation going. You could use AI to highlight those themes for you and suggest community content to share.
  3. Your community onboarding could ask some questions. And use those answers to say something like, “name likes to talk about topic, here’s more info about them and a thing they did.” Or someone asks “I need help with thing?” and the AI knows who to suggest.

“Spark Creativity” is doable right now. I’m unsure about the tooling to support “Spot patterns” and “Create Connection Opportunities” yet I’m keen to see it happen in the community tooling world.

Maybe there’s a spreadsheet hack I’m yet to work out. 

Anyhow, AI in Community isn’t going anywhere and while we need to be aware of AI’s biases and risks, the possibilities are limitless.

How about you, how do you/could you use AI to support your role as a Community Builder/Manager?

Let’s build two lists.

  • One with real examples of what’s doable right now. 
  • And one for what we’d like to see possible in the future. 
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