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Halo Infinite Infection Intel


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



Intel 1 image of Spartans infected by Iratus

But there is so much more to see!

The entire history of the Spartan program. Your weaknesses. Your failures. And now all of it belongs to the Banished!

Oh, I shall enjoy every moment of its categorization. So much of your strength is tied to the armor you wear like a second skin. What happens when it is taken away? No... what happens when it is turned against you?

And so many of you here—ah, survivors of the Apparition’s burning wrath, are you? A new generation of heroes to forge a brighter future for your kind. Such delicious naivety!

Know this as you struggle in vain against the inevitable: I shall see you ALL unravel in body and spirit. I shall disseminate every secret held within this facility and within your minds. And the Banished shall feast upon what remains.

Take a look in the mirror, my little Spartans. Thralls of Iratus. Think how much better you’re going to look wearing my face.


Halo Infinite screenshot of the out-of-map vista around Scarr

When we were inducted into the Covenant, the Prophets had us settled on worlds ripe with rich resources. Was this out of respect for our people—a reward for our strength? No. It was simply another way in which we served as a method of their control. A blunt instrument for delicate hands. A deterrent to those who would claim more than what the Prophets would allow. And they knew we could not excavate these resources ourselves, for we were nothing but fodder to be expended on their front lines.

But look around you, brothers. Savor this moment. Understand what we are now. We are the Banished, and we are free. We take what we desire, and we use it to fuel our strength and sustain our spirit.

Never forget what Atriox gave to you. Know that all we are today is because of his vision.


Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan's arm engaging the Quantum Translocator

Back in ‘57, we had the quantum marker—or the MX-1050. Cool piece of ONI tech that we got to play with in some sims before they had the Infinity jump back to Requiem; used it to transport crates from the ship down to research bases. They wanted to drop and gain a foothold in enemy-occupied territory quick and hard, but then we start fighting these Forerunner robots that can zip around the place and suddenly we got a bunch of eggheads workin’ overtime to repurpose the tech to put it on actual people...

I dunno what kinda magic tricks they managed to pull, but the damn thing works! Heard ‘em talkin’ about puttin’ this “Quantum Translocator” on Spartans in the field. Ain’t worked up the courage yet to volunteer for further trials, not since ol’ Haverly was gone for three hours during a test run and came back all pale and shakin’ and refused to say a word about what happened. Tried to calm him down but he just wouldn’t stop crying.

Come to think of it, haven’t seen him in a while...


Halo Infinite screenshot of the multiplayer map Forest, set on the planet Heian from Halo Legends: The Babysitter


Operation: GREY VEIL was a success, but cost the life of Cal-141, who died from head trauma sustained from a Jiralhanae gravity hammer. We have thus far sustained only a few Spartan casualties as this war with the Covenant approaches its second decade, but strategically each one feels akin to losing an entire world.

The ODST squad that accompanied SPARTAN-141 did, however, return something fascinating. Surveying the ruins on Heian, they discovered evidence of an ancient civilization with architectural designs that I can only describe as unmistakably human—a strange mixture of Greco-Roman and East Asian elements... yet even the most cursory analysis tells us that these ruins far predate those periods in our history, and they were certainly not built with simple stone to have been preserved for so long.

We came to the stars and wondered about alien life, yet these ruins force us to consider whether there might be improbable things about our own past that lie beyond our knowledge. Alas, no further research on Heian is possible due to the Covenant’s presence, and with Miridem under attack it’s not likely that we’ll get to look any deeper into this.


Image of a Flood spore




“This is Captain Alvarez of the UNSC Saturn. I am declaring CORRUPTER and UPSILON protocols. All remaining groundside personnel have seven minutes to withdraw from Site 22 as the Saturn moves into position...”

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