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Who is Kurt T 051?


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I recently saw on Twitter drama and events that unsurprisingly led to this identity. After further investigation it was clear that this was no other than Laglink.. The post and character in question misrepresents what Joshua O29 has for standards for NavSpecWarCom clan unless ofcourse they have really fallen so low. 

Found him through this, 


Now I can understand the dissatisfaction but it would typically end way before any obscene image like this is published to the web. Tyler Francis Cook is an embarrassment and truly this is the downfall for him as many other Halo community members grab the pitchforks to argue with him. I welcome an argument that Joshua O29's NSW is actually any good after this because clearly the longer they keep this kind of person in their clan the less accepting all clans will be to mainstream Halo communities. 


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