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My honest season 5 review


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Special Agent

Special Agent


Season 5 came out and I am pleased to say I am enjoying Halo again. (except for infection. I'm sorry its still bad.) Yes there is some minor nitpicks I have this season but so far it is great. Now for some reason I have only played Prism because I just couldn't get a match that would be the forbidden map even though I played the new map 24/7 playlist but so far her are some things I would like to highlight.

Bandit EVO: Though even though the scope seems to be the only change in this bandit variant it is a good change indeed. Since the Bandit has a low recoil it can pull of the scope with perfection and now beam enemies from far away. I think this is way better than the regular bandit and honestly I hope they replace the old one with this one.

Cross Core Helmets: We have waited 5 seasons and FINALLY we have cross core on at least some of the armor pieces. Though so far it looks good there is one problem. Since helmets from different cores are fit the shape of their matching cores some helmets seem too big or small on certain cores. For example the samurai helmet looks really big on the default armor core. Now I didn't think this was too bad at first but seeing some people armors the imperfection really stuck out.

Prism: The map is great. Though it does feel a little big the gameplay flow feels amazing.

Battle pass: Flood customization just looks amazing. They really did good with the battle pass.

Though this is all I have to say right now I am really enjoying Halo right now and now with a good reason to grind to get to hero rank (The Master Chief Armor) I am going to be playing a lot more.

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


My game is taking forever to load but I expect to have fun in all the game modes. I saw over Twitter that people do miss the BR, everytime something changes we see a little resistance but I think the BR being available in Team Slayer will revitalize that playlist. I haven't seen too much on the Cross Core Helmets but it reminds me of the previous game Halo 5: Guardians where you could only actually customize your Spartan Body and Spartan Helmet which is a farcry from the customization options we have now. 

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