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Amateur Contempt in Halo


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is more or less about a Tweet from Eli Elite, 


In the amateur Halo scene there is this animosity for new players. Its always existed and just part of the community cycle of new players and old. While Eli keeps this vague everyone things this is about Kuhlect and his stardom. To many including myself, we have no idea where this guy came from. Kuhlect doesn't have a long history with ams, through custom lobbies or even tournaments in Halo titles before so where and how was he picked up in the beginning teams being formed for Halo Infinite? 

I don't have a clue whatsoever, but to be frank it doesn't matter. He earned his spot, as a marketable and new player also navigated the industry signing to 5 teams through his career and continueing on to be competitively paid. A detail that is missing is he business orientation, Kuhlect was not only at the right place at the right time but able to speak the same language to network and build this career around him that many amateur players for over 10 years have not found the success in. I'll definite write more on Kuhlect in a different thread.  

For Eli Elite, like PiLEZ I know him personally and he was signed to the esports organization I created through ONI represented in 2018 at MLG's events. I think Eli Elite's really good, but he could not replace anyone in Top 8 right now and this is a horrible look for him. Again being a pain point to becoming a marketable player the unnecessary jealously and envy for others publically makes for the beginning of a career ending event. In fact he doubles down later to a comment aPG made but its not important to anyone to read. 

How does someone determine an opportunity over others besides simply saying so? They typically do through grit and placements. Eli Elite stepped away from competing and many took advantage of that. He doesn't deserve any criticisms for that and is entitled to have this opinon but I see most amateurs struggle with the success of others. The scene itself is growing but the level of competition isn't and with the new season seeing the Bandit Evo meta amateur players will have a chance again to disrupt the ladders.

Who do you think this is about? Who do you think can breakthrough Top 32 next season? Are there any players you think are AMs but have the potential to be Pros? 


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