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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Over the years, Firefight has taken many forms across various Halo games. From its traditional survival mode in Halo 3: ODST to its more arcade-inspired incarnation in Halo: Reach, to Warzone Firefight in Halo 5, along with Blitz Firefight and Terminus Firefight in Halo Wars 2—it's a mode that has evolved across games, and the time has come for it to arrive in Halo Infinite.

Firefight: King of the Hill will see you and three other players facing off against waves of Banished baddies as you fight to capture hills on nine maps when the playlist goes live—including the House of Reckoning from Halo Infinite’s campaign and three community-made maps.

Where there is a potential here I cannot help but comment how late we are in the games lifecycle. We all knew that the House of Reckoning map was going to be added into Infinite but the timeline even for us was hazy. 

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I, for one, am finally glad it here's. Its sparking interest in nightly lobbies again in my community, and we're already looking forward to see what our Forgers could possibly do with this template/format.

But I will readily agree, VERY late in the games lifecycle right now, on the cusp being too little too late. The rest of this season and the next few months really are gonna seal the fate of Halo Infinite for the long run.

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