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#Fire343 & Evolved117


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


As I mentioned very briefly before in my post about the future of Halo into 2024, Support positive criticism and feedback, be attentive and try not to engage in silly stuff like #fire343 or stupid clickbait "ragebaiting" that creators do. If you didn't read this post I highly recommend it as both the original author but a fan of Halo.

Now, as the Twitter 'X' sphere goes a little cold a hashtag and conversation that started from Evolved117 is worth book keeping here as something we discussed or just had a general thought on. As forums offer a more conducive environment for in-depth discussions and community interaction compared to Twitter. Allowing for longer-form content, enabling users to explore topics comprehensively without the character limitations of tweets. #Fire343 stood out to me as the community quickly rallied behind and the algorithms pushed engaging content.

Forums foster organized conversations, making it easier to follow and contribute to ongoing debates but it is unlikely anyone who agreed with the hashtag will sit down to discuss why and how they thought that was okay. Unlike the rapid and often fleeting nature of tweets, forum posts have a lasting presence, providing a valuable resource for future reference and because of that I also think its easier to build a solution to this problem and essentially help people get over the challenges they personally faced with 343 Industries. 

In short, Evolved117 took the opportunity and advantage of the ragebaiting around Halo to create a trending hashtag. This may just be his sole achievement around Halo but I digress as like Hailey Eira I do not know this actor. Where Evolved117 is different is the outright call to action threatening 343 Industries employees to destroy their livelihoods and jobs. To some affect it may have had a part in the cost reduction efforts of 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios and the Xbox business unit of Microsoft overall. This is something to explore if true or by coincidence. 

Calling on the gaming studio to be "fired" or dissolved would virtually mean the end of the IP as we know it. There is no benefit and often fans have no idea what a corporate environment looks like to know exactly what they mean. So with that I share this topic today curious if anyone has something to add or thoughts on the hashtag and evolved117.

What does it mean to you?

What could that mean for Halo? 

What sort of justification even exists to threaten the jobs of others?


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Special Agent

Special Agent


It really is sad how negative people can be. No matter what you say or do they continue to be negative. Even if your argument is valid. But sadly that is how some people are. All they want is to see the company or IP they are hating on fail. Being a supporter of something no matter how popular is getting harder and harder every day because negative people will constantly harass you opinion especially when are more active with your praise. Now I see that 343 has made many mistakes but for you to wish that they just stop working on Halo and pretty much want them to quit their jobs is just too far. 

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On 12/20/2023 at 12:40 PM, CLASSIFIED said:

Being a supporter of something no matter how popular is getting harder and harder every day because negative people will constantly harass you opinion especially when are more active with your praise.

Unfortunately IPs like The Day Before make it harder to be a legit supporter of an IP /:

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