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Japanese music is amazing


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Special Agent

Special Agent


After getting into anime I decided to listen to some other Japanese music productions because everywhere OPS and soundtrack in anime are all really good. I gotta say Japanese music is just on a whole different level. Not only are a lot of songs really catchy but I don't know why but the beat alone has a way of expressing emotions beyond what most English songs can do.  Know this is kind of a random thread but just wanted to show what getting out of your comfort zone can do. You never know what you will like unless you try it.

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Its great all around, a few anime even contract more interesting genres and other blending genre songs and artists. I really recommend a classic Nujabes which anime Samurai Champloo shares its equal success in popularity with that artist. Overall the 'skill' ceiling is a little higher and more complex because the animated industry forks over one of the most lucrative contracts for artists. They make the most money making anime songs and so a few of the most popular ones are made specifically for anime. I can name a few but the most popular is probably the Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Naruto (certain seasons), Vinland Saga and a number of others. 

On 1/18/2024 at 1:24 AM, LITTLE LEVEL said:

You never know what you will like unless you try it.

A great message to live by! 

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