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Faze Finally Announces Venue


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Faze has finally revealed the venue and event they are hosting for the Halo Infinite's Halo Championship Series. It's been nearly 4 months since the roadmap has been announced for the year. Faze has seemingly both arrived to a late settlement in the destination but a cheaper location in light of what is likely the bad reputation and business fallout of Faze as an esports organization. It likely warrants its own thread here but the venue and announcement has been plagued by the Halo community as a shortsightedness from the HCS team that could have been avoided.

Regardless, the even will be added to the calendar. July 26th-28th Gateway Center Arena @ College Park, tickets are likely between $20 to $40.

Sign up for pre-sale: http://fazeclan.com/hcspresale as the events as of late have followed occupancy codes for events, which is a good thing by the way! 

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