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Tyler "Spartan" Ganza Banned for cheating


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



As mentioned in a previous thread about Complexity being disqualified this is the followed actions after the LAN that has taken place. This does not absolve Complexity in this case, In fact I am sure Complexity is also partly responsible for the ban throughout the remainder of the season as it costs the organization money all around and the opportunity from other players but they have purportedly terminated the contract in amicable terms. 

From Spartan's side: 


The actual action that counts as cheating is well, a little less than a modification but the conversation around this has not been recieved well across social media. As a competitor of many years into Halo and on Halo Infinite it should have been known that tampering with the equipment given to you and breaking the trust staff has in you would result in a severe ban. Even though I am not so much a fan of Spartan I hope he can get this appealed to at least 3 months so as to not miss the HCS Worlds event. 

Unfortunately I am usually cynical on players giving space for other new players to rise into the scene but unfortunately it seems like this late into the game we are not going to see new talent play at the level Spartan does play and bring value to a team like he would. While it is amazing that he even teamed with Ryanoob and got him disqualified (highly unlikely this will happen again) we are probably not going to see another team really give him a chance.

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