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Competitive Map Tips


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



Battle canyon requires constant callouts and control of the top of the bases especially Top Red. Battle canyon is 100% calling out and teamshot to win.


INITIAL PUSH: Penance requires green room control to get and maintain lead. Blue spawn immediately runs to green to setup, red spawn immediately teleports and spams nades into green room to catch blue team going in.

SETUP: One player sets up top lift with shotgun. Two players set up in green, one with snipe scoped on teleporter the other on green ramp watching snipe tunnel. One player sets up S2/green plat with rockets if you have them.

GREEN CORNER RETAKE: If you lose the green room but still have the lead you DO NOT need to push green at all. Camp with GL in red spawn and wait for them with to push you. After killing the one player that pushes, you can make the 4v3 push to take green back. Can also wait for camo and jetpack to initiate retake. Best to start the engagement in snipe tunnel with rockets then two players take lift and another teleports after they lift and draw the attention from teleporter.



Zealot requires controlling landings and top gold. This forces enemy team to spawn basement the whole game.


Sanctuary requires ring control, specifically their wall. When snipe is about to spawn control their hut and ensure you take their snipe. This forces the enemy team to spawn their rocks or their main. Any players that spawn in courtyard can easily be spawn predicted and double teamed.


Setup to pull the flag when all 4 are dead and run flag through green and rockets. When flag is pulled one player sets up on their mauler to force courtyard spawn. Set up two players on green, one player with sniper watching courtyard in order to set up for the spawn trap and the other player teamshooting the courtyard. 
Your team must get rockets and custom to get flag caps on good players.


SLAYER: Countdown requires S3 and street control. Must setup in lifts to get rockets. Teammate with rockets guards S3 with a teammate on each street.

CTF: Rocket control is key to easy flag caps on countdown. As your teammate juggles the flag through S2 have one player with rockets escort him to the flag cap and use the rockets to shut down any opposition.


Nexus requires patience, teamshot and knowing that defense is the best offense.

TOP GREEN HILL: Setup on the side hill will go next. One player should be on the top main cuts ramp sniping hill and opposing main. One player should be in the closet with GL and one player should be in the enemy closet to force cut spawn. Once set up the last player should be in the hill on the edge closest to the top rock.

PLATFORM HILLS: The setup for the platform hills is to post one player on the hill, one player on top main with snipe, one player on cuts/arrow and one player floating around diamond and top main to help teamshot. Everyone must callout and teamshot but DON’T push for kills just DEFEND the side with the hill. Cuts player actively watches top Gold, hill player actively watches bottom green, top green and rocks. Top main player watches opposing main, bottom green and top green and he must not arbitrarily over extend onto the top main but rather post up on the cuts ramp going top main.

BASE RETAKE: Do the retake while the hill is top green and go through gold and cuts, DO NOT WAIT until the hill moves to the base. If however the hill is on the plat and the enemy team controls it then with a full team first push through top green and bottom green through the rocks and closet and take the top main of the side with the hill to CONTROL the spawn in closet THEN take the hill. If your team dies but one player makes it to the hill side closet/main then focus on staying alive and just wait in closet or closet ramp for your team to spawn on you.


Head glitching, corner peaking, strafing, crouching and jumping are tactics you should employ to win fights especially 1v1s. Head glitching is using cover in a way that only your head is exposed making you a tiny target.

Corner peaking is using a wall to peak and shoot your target then going behind cover so when they shoot you they hit the wall. Then you can peak again and shoot them again. Afterwards you can either push out with shot advantage or repeat the process. Be wary of being naded though. Corner peaking must be used to clear a room and to get shot advantage. It is a bad idea to just run into a room finding yourself overextended without cover.

To counter the peak shot you should throw a nade either at the corner they are peaking from or behind the corner to force them out.

Strafing, crouching and jumping must be used in every fight.
Keep it unpredictable but a good general strafe is one left/right then crouch when they fire. Uncrouch take a step to the right/left then crouch when they fire. Uncrouch jump to the left/right and spam the crouch so your head bobs in the air making you hard to land a headshot.

I see a lot of players that w-key into the open before clearing the room and getting caught in a fight and getting shot first. Then they will w-key into the player that shot them and lose the fight because they weren't making themselves hard to hit and they had shot disadvantage. Melee fights should generally not be purposefully taken. They are generally 50/50 fights and going for a melee means that you probably are not strafing making you an easy 5 shot.

Do NOT wander the map aimlessly looking for a fight. There are power positions on every map that are essential to victory. In low level play the team that is better or haphazardly controls these power positions wins but in high level play the team that doesn't control the position loses the game 100% of the time. Halo is not just a game based on skill. If your team does not move around the map purposefully, does not control power positions, does not communicate player positions/weapon spawns/when to pull the flag/etc. and does not teamshot your team will not win.

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