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Battlefield Hardline a Dead game?


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Field Agent

Field Agent

I've heard that on pc due to BFV losing support going forwards, all 3 of the next gen games have made a resurgence, Specifically 4 and 1. I have also seen discussion regarding increased player counts for BFH. I don't know how exactly its effecting Xbox but I assume the same increase in activity would be seen there. I know for certain BF4 on Xbox is as booming as well as BF1.

Going forward I assume BF4/H/1 will be the models dice use for further games as well. all proper support from V being pulled means a new game is around the corner at some point too. current estimate is 2021 by dice but pulling members of V to work on it could bring it sooner rather than later. until then the 3 "successful current-gen Battlefields" will be where you find players. 

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