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Questions about the Ranger program

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Senior Staff Operations Officer

Senior Staff Operations Officer


After looking into the program and reading the post i understand that Deltas and Rangers have Hardcore rank requirements but what about Berets and Airborne. I saw nothing regarding requirements, just job descriptions.


on an unrelated side note what is the oath of secrecy. I saw it mentioned in the the Armor requirements for black visor.



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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Short Answer, no I did not really go over any of the requirements in the same format as everything else.

Long Answer,

    Counter-insurgency specialty to infiltrate and/or provide Foreign Internal Defense (FID) only within a context of host-halo clans (HC) with aide to internal defense and development (IDAD), where it can be a force multiplier to clan leaders and load balancing activities. ONI priority with Beret's are only in the responsibilities of information operations and security. Beret's are dual hatted as top ONI Security personnel and operations expand beyond Halo: Reach area of operations.

    A requirement will probably be some base level of communications intelligence as Beret's are going to fulfill and compete with the pseudo-ONI task force people that help smaller clans as such they're technically a special forces liaison in another clan as ONI. This is very fluid.


    Direct Action specialty to perform raids. Given raiding priority in the UNSC Army and to all UNSC Army forces before Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Divisions. Airborne is a milestone to Orbital Drop Shock Troopers with a specialization of Halo: Reach core game mechanics. Airborne are also not a shared unit that can be reassigned to another area of operation and practice combat search & rescue with signed role playing parties. Airborne is the raid-ready line up of all Army units. 

    Basically this is the Raid ready force that is solely for the Army. The requirement is pretty much chosen from leadership who is on the raid line up. This should be prioritized over  ODST forces that are also shared with the rest of ONI. To visualize it, I just did so

    Think of this as the line up anytime we schedule a raid in ONI.
  1. IN UNIT
    We schedule a raid specific to a Army unit
      • ARMY
        • ODST
        • MARINES
    We schedule a raid non-specific to a unit (We are challenged to a Raid)
    1. ODST
      • SPARTAN-II
        • MARSOC
          • ARMY
          • MARINES
            • NAVY
              • ANYONE WHOSE ONLINE


Oath to Secrecy is a sign off that you read and acknowledge, while also having been recorded reading it too.


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