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Do you always want Quality over Quanity in military forces?


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Battle of Thermopylae is a good example of this. The Persians won the battle in the end, taking control of Boeotia, Phocis, and Attica. I would like to know peoples thought on this and what situations this could be true. Would this apply today with our modern technology in warfare?

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There are a lot more variables at play. I think the outcome of military engagements can hardly be approximated on only those axes. Even something as simple as the gulf in quality needs to be considered in order to make such a generalization. For example, one modern aircraft carrier could likely take on the entire British Navy at the time of the Revolutionary war.

Or... one really good spartan can destroy two forerunner installations and a moon sized alien capital city.

However, the gulf in quantity is also relevant as 100 entire 16th century British Navies could easily overwhelm that same carrier.

Also, to extend the reasoning to the example you provided about the Greek Spartans, what made their holdout so successful was not just the quality of their personnel but also the geography of the position they were holding.

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