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About This Unit

We are a Halo Based UNSC Spartan Clan trying to help change the community one spartan at a time. We aim to better the community in quality of Spartans and Spartan Training, hoping to create a new standard in Spartans and Spartan Training. We do not focus on one specific aspects of halo [Roleplay or Comp], we try to focus on both with a healthy split. We do tend to do more roleplay because as a Spartan you should have Roleplay aspects along with skill. Here we aim for Quality over Quantity of Spartans, and we limit the amount of certain Spartans we have in each branch. We take pride in our respectful Spartans who know when to be respectful, but also who know when to back up their talk. As we believe if they are going to be a Spartan and talk, they should be able to back up their talk. Our Branches consist of the Orion-Is, Spartan-IIs, Spartan-IIIs, and Spartan-IVs, Although we have these Four Branches we limit how many we have in each branch so that our quality doesn't diminish. Our Command Structure is simple to follow and is very easy to understand, as we follow UNSC Naval Rankings and Spartan Operation Rankings to keep the understanding of who is in charge and who is not in charge.
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